New eBook: Employee Experience Design in 12 steps

A great employee experience is not a fluke, nor does it happen by itself. You must design it! Employee experience design is the art of designing a workplace experience that results in happy employees.

Employee experience design draws on proven techniques from the worlds of marketing, product & user design, and psychology. It is a creative method for achieving new, innovative solutions for (complex) problems. The fundamental principle here always applies: people are central. End users and stakeholders are actively involved in the design or improvement of products and services. And this has major benefits, according to research conducted by McKinsey (2019): companies that reserve a primary role for design within the organisation are nearly twice as successful financially as their competitors.

Working with employee experience design is considered a new HR skill, one required for taking employee experience to a higher level. Over the course of 12 chapters we explain how you can achieve at a great employee experience design. What types of experiences positively impact the employee experience? How can you gain a deeper understanding of your employees? How do you map current experiences and make the right choices for redesigns? Who should you work with in your organisation to ensure the employee experience design is successful?  Our e-book provides the inspiration you need to get started in your own organisation!

Download your eBook here!

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