Creative ways to boost employee morale

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Employee happiness is one of the biggest things every company should focus on.

Considering that a happy team is a productive one, as well as the fact that people are the most important aspect of any firm, it makes no sense why more businesses don’t try and capitalize on such a crucial element. While I can understand that sometimes things get hectic and the morale of a team might not be at the forefront in every single episode, it is something to consider as a top priority. This will improve everything from retention to word of mouth. And believe it or not, this isn’t that hard of a process to start on today. All you need is to follow a few of the steps below to get the ball rolling.

Encourage an employee wellness plan

While a lot of companies consider putting a gym in their office as the solution to wellness, that’s not always the most advantageous route to go. The mission here is to get people up and have them do something active, whether that be going for a bike ride, run, or even just an extended walk at lunch. According to Zane Benefits, encouraging an exercise program at work increases productivity by 15 percent for those who exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Furthermore, this is also a great opportunity to drive insurance premiums down a little bit which would make both you and your employees a little happier. However, exercise is only half the battle, with the other half being diet.

Go on an adventure 

Doing company outings are not only an excellent way to increase the bond between your team but increase happiness overall. Whether it be a retreat, camping, hiking, or even rafting, taking the time to do something that’s a little adventurous or challenging is a superb opportunity to bring your employees together, giving them something they can cherish for a lifetime. The goal here is to find something that isn’t too strenuous but still provides an obstacle for everyone to overcome. It’s known that when people work on something together like this, then the connections that are being built will become ironclad. Plus, with over 331 million visits to national parks in 2016 alone, this has become a pretty popular activity across the board.

Bring on the puppers 

Taking your pet to work isn’t a new thing but has become increasingly popular over the years. According to a survey by SHRM, 7 percent of employers say they’re starting to allow pets into the workplace, up 2 percent from just five years ago. Animals provide a much better environment, one that’s more comfortable and welcoming, which in turn, increases productivity. As long as their dog or cat isn’t too much of a distraction (especially when considering allergies), then programs like this are something your employees might love.

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