5 Top perks and benefits and my vision as employer

Article by Boudewijn Kanen on LinkedIn.

The recent period I have highlighted some remarkable, odd sometimes light but also serious perks. Even though I will continue this item, it is time for a wrap-up with the top 5 creative employment conditions based on your responses. I will also address the perks that we, as employer, offer our team in respect of employment conditions because we believe in practice what you preach.

 Top 5 creative perks

  1. extended paid paternity leave

Even though not a new perk as such, the length is the key factor. The conclusion can be drawn that the general opinion is that two days off for a ‘new-born’ father is not enough and that employers are encouraged to offer a lengthier leave. This ties in with recent research (amongst others by people from Harvard, Maastricht University and VU/Free University Amsterdam) that reports greater happiness after spending money on a time-saving purchase than on a material purchase.

  1. bring your dog to the office

Never thought this would be ranked #2, but people love their pets and it is supposed to reduce the #stress level in the office. Practical issue is of course that not everybody loves animals as you do, so this perk can be an issue when you have colleagues or when customers visit your office.

  1. On-site napping

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem. Negative side effects associated with poor sleep include depression, irritability and low mood, decreased critical thinking skills and mental alertness, and chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, poor sleeping habits are associated with increased employee absenteeism and less productivity. No wonder that companies put this on the agenda more and more. Not only on-site napping but also other measures are initiated. @GoldmanSachs has brought in sleep experts. @johnson&johnson offers employees a digital health coaching program for battling insomnia that involves an online sleep diary and relaxation videos for mobile devices. @Google hosts ‘sleeposium’ events. See this article in Forbes

  1. gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy in the company’s medical plan

Serious topic which seems to get more attention lately. Companies have a duty to offer a safe workplace and that also entails creating an environment where everybody is respected and accepted. In addition, companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers.

  1. extra day off when your favourite team wins the championship

‘Light’ by nature but #creative and shows that also this employer has eye for the individual behind the employee. That is praiseworthy.

Practice what you preach

Several years ago, I founded my own law firm together with my business partner Marian van Eck. The aim was not only to deliver high-level legal advice but also to practice good employership. In our perspective, our people are the heart of our business. We feel responsible for their well-being. In addition, we believe happy and committed employees deliver the best advice for our customers.

Our focus on the well-being of our employees is also reflected in the perks we offer. For us vitality is key as our business generally requires hard work. Vital employees are an important factor in organisations’ success. An employee is vital if there is a good balance between stress and energy, both physically and mentally.

Read what Liber Docks offers in the original LinkedIn post.

Boudewijn Kanen is founding partner at Liber Dock.

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