From Drift to Shift: How Change can bring true Meaning and Happiness to your Work and Life

Recently the HappinessBureau visited Jody Miller in Santa Barbara. Jody is CEO of C2C Executive Search & Strategic Management and writes articles for The Huffington Post and other magazines and also books about Happiness at Work. In July her latest book “From Drift to Shift” was published. A good reason for an interview with Jody.

About “From Drift to Shift” (via

From Drift to ShiftWe all desire to be happy in our work and in our personal lives, and we want to be valued for who we are. Through the transformational stories in From Drift to Shift, readers learn to recognize the opportunity to pursue life’s true purpose and to embrace it both professionally and personally. Readers will realize that profound success, down to the core of their soul, is achievable. From Drift to Shift encourages all to seek a life of meaning, to have the courage to be who they really are, and to not let external forces pressure them into being less than they can be. It helps people discover how they can make uniquely important contributions to the world.

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