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Delivering Happiness at Zappos

This summer the HappinessBureau visited Las Vegas and went on the Zappos tour, a 90-minute guided tour that tells the story of online shoe and clothing shop

We learned about their company’s history, culture, and campus complete with a ball pit and were very happy to have the opportunity to interview Ryo Zsu, Culture Maestro at Zappos. In this short video Ryo tells about the unique culture at Zappos and why and how culture is their #1 priority. Enjoy!


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Ik ben oprichter en eigenaar van het HappinessBureau en help organisaties (nog) succesvoller te worden door het geluk van werknemers te vergroten. Het HappinessBureau doet dit door middel van het geven van advies, training, coaching, het doen van onderzoek en het publiceren van artikelen en het organiseren van events (zie

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