HappinessBureau Workshop:  Create A Great Employee Experience

Many companies focus strongly on creating a great customer experience. But very few have taken the next logical step and focused on consciously creating a great employee experience.

The employee experience is the sum of all the interactions between that employee and your company. It starts with the first social media post they see, the first job listing or the first headhunting email, and ends with keeping in touch even after they leave.

It’s about creating a place where people want to show up and are happy at work. Creating a positive employee experience is not about stock options or foosball in the break room. It’s about respecting the role your people play in representing your brand and building your business. When you give talented people the space to achieve and thrive, they’ll give your customers an experience your competitors can’t duplicate.

In this one day workshop you will learn:

  • What is Employee Experience?
  • Why is it important?
  • How to create the best employee experience?

The workshop can be extended with the workshop Employee Experience Journey Mapping that The HappinessBureau and Oracle facilitate.

The workshop ‘Create A Great Employee Experience ‘ will be facilitated by Gea Peper, founder & owner of The HappinessBureau.

Gea has worked as an international change management consultant for Accenture and Deloitte. She also worked in HR for the Dutch Central Bank and the Central Bank of Curaçao and Saint Maarten. In 2015, Gea founded her own company The HappinessBureau that supports organizations to become (more) successful by increasing their employees’ happiness. She is also a guest lecturer at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In February 2018, her book on How to Create the Best Employee Experience will come out.

Do you want more information about the workshop? Contact us at Info (at) HappinessBureau (dot) nl.

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