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Happy and committed employees are paramount for customer satisfaction and positive results. By binding employees in a positive way to your organization, you will retain the right people with the right attitude, knowledge, and skills. That way, you can avoid not only high employee turnover costs, but also create the culture that suits your organization and will earn a positive reputation in the market as an employer. Organizations that actively engage in the happiness of employees are more successful. This makes HR responsible for the ultimate Employee Experience and that goes beyond the traditional hire-to-fire cycle!

We now have a great tool to help you: the workshop Employee Experience Journey Mapping.

The Employee Experience Journey maps the different stages that an (potential) employee experiences in contact with the organization and how they are valued. All stages must ultimately lead employees to feel appreciated and happy. From employer branding to retirement: HR will need to streamline all HR tools, processes and regulations to the best employee experience. The process that helps to achieve this is called Employee Experience Journey Mapping (EXJM) or Employee Experience Design.

The video below gives you an impression of the EXJM workshop the Happiness Bureau has recently organized in close cooperation with Oracle. If you need more information, want to join one of the workshops or want to organize an in-company workshop, feel free to contact us at

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