eBook The 5 factors of a great Employee Experience

The employee experience is what a (potential) employee experiences in all of their contacts with an organization. From the employer branding of the organization and applying for a vacancy, until the moment the employee leaves the organization and even after that, and all that happens in between at work.

The positive link between committed and passionate employees, customer satisfaction and improved corporate performances has been researched and proven many times.  Companies with a passionate staff and a good working environment perform nearly five times better financially than organization that don’t have these aspects in order.

In the free eBook, The 5 factors of a great Employee Experience, written by Gea Peper and Heleen Mes from The HappinessBureau, you will find examples and a helping hand on how to get started with creating a great employee experience. They will discuss the five paramount factors of the ultimate employee experience: a Happy culture, agile leadership, redesign HR processes, technology that will work for you and inspiring workplaces. Furthermore, Gea and Heleen describe the steps you go through in creating a great employee experience, so the employees will answer the question if they would recommend your company to friends and acquaintances whole-heartedly with ‘yes’!

How to get the eBook? It’s easy. Just fill in your name and your e-mail address and you will be guided directly to the eBook. We ask for your e-mail address to see who has interest in the topic of Employee Experience, not to spam you with e-mails.

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