Interview with Mr. Employee Experience: Ben Whitter

Last week we attended Ben Whitter’s Masterclass “The future of HR: Re-engineering the Employee Experience”. The topic of this masterclass was how the Employee Experience is shifting traditional HR and driving a new business agenda.

The whole world is talking about Employee Experience right now and it is very much in the global spotlight; engaging staff, supporting them to perform, and improving productivity all remain crucial things to focus on within organizational life. With more and more companies embracing employee experience approaches, the game is changing, significantly which means traditional HR is shifting.

Ben Whitter is a leading figure within HR globally and a key voice on “Employee Experience” thinking worldwide. Ben’s popular HR and Employee Experience thought leadership has been endorsed by the World’s leading organizations and HR figures and is a regular feature, author and commentator within HR media.

Ben uses his expertise and insights to help HR functions and organizations being asked to reform by developing the workplace as an experience. This will take into account everything that affects people from technology to physical infrastructure to leadership.

The new norm for organizations and HR is the creation of employee experiences that matter, are meaningful, and have every part aligned and driving great strategic and operational results.

Gea Peper from the HappinessBureau interviewed Ben during his masterclass in Brussels:


Here you can read Ben’s article Employee Experience: If you would like to stay ahead of the curve in which he states that it’s all about creating meaningful experiences within work and meaningful organizations.

Ben will be chairing the Employee Experience Stream at The Global HR Fest in Brussels this October.

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