Top 5 most read articles May 2017

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Here is our top-5 most read articles for May 2017:

  1. The blog post from Danielle Freude-Hellebrand: Neuroscience shows us that the way we work is wrong
  2. The article from Laura Stevens: Why HR Analytics is Critical to Employee Experience Success
  3. Helle Hein gave a presentation in Copenhagen: Extrinsic motivation undermines intrinsic motivation. We briefly interviewed Helle.
  4. Still in our Top-5: The article from The Corporate Rebels about The 8 habits of companies you wish you worked for.
  5. We’ve interviewed Mette Hybschmann about her keynote speech during the International conference about Happiness at Work in Copenhagen. The title of the speech was: How McDonald’s Denmark Makes Young Employees Happy At Work.

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