Top-5 most read articles January 2017


We started the Happy People Better Business news site only a few months ago and already readers from over 45 countries from all continents (!) have found their way to the news site to be inspired by articles, books and much more on happiness at work and creating the best employee experience.

Here is our top-5 most read articles for January 2017

  1. The future of HR: create the ultimate Employee Experience (article from The HappinessBureau)

  2. The Employee Experience Is The Future Of Work: 10 HR Trends For 2017 (from Jeanne Meister)

  3. 10 Reasons Nice Bosses Finish First (from Travis Bradberry)

  4.  Five behaviors of people who are happy at work  (from Rebecca Newton)
  5. Why eliminating the annual review caused a drop in performance (from Lydia Dishman)

Since employee experience is a hot topic, we would like to inform you about the Happiness at Work conference that is being organised by Alexander Kjerulf from in Copenhagen. Gea Peper, owner and founder of The HappinessBureau will conduct a workshop about Employee Experience. She is, with collegae Heleen Mes, the writer of the number 1 read article in January 2017.

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