Happiness at work in the Netherlands: podcast

Michal Srajer from the  Czech Republic had quit his job to learn more about  Happiness at Work. Together with his family his travels around the world en visits inspiring people and businesses to hear their vision on  Happiness at Work.

In this podcast Fennande van der Meulen from Happy Office en Gea Peper from the HappinessBureau were being interviewed by  Michal.

Listen to the podcast:


Michael Srajer: ‘From Denmark I moved to the Netherlands, to find out about happy companies here. In Amsterdam I met with two very happy ladies and happiness consultants to talk about current state of Dutch happiness at work.michal-fennande-en-geaGea (founder of HappinessBureau) and Fennande (co-founder of Happy Office) told me about many very interesting businesses. Similar to some other countries, IT industry is little bit ahead but you can find companies experimenting with happiness also for example in healthcare. We’ve talked about them and their practices and tools as well as about their paths towards happiness at work and their CHOs.

For more inspiration, you should definitely visit the Happy People Better Business event happening on 28th March 2017 in Den Haag (in Dutch).’

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