Employee engagement starts with mapping out the employee journey

Blog on orteccommunications.com, august 2016. Designing the employee journey will give you insight on what’s really going on within your organization. 

Increasing employee engagement and creating more alignment within your organization seems to be more important than ever. But, in order to do so one must have insight on what is really going on. The first step to increase employee engagement is gaining insight on the employee journey.

Why design the employee journey?

As said, designing the employee journey will give you insight on what’s really going on within your organization. For example: how do your employees feel about your company, the on boarding process and their personal development? What would they change if they had the chance?

Increasing employee engagement is key because employees are your most important stakeholders. As Simon Sinek once said: “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

Employee engagement ft. alignment

Designing the employee journey will also create more alignment between HR, Marketing and Internal Communications since these three departments are most involved with all the phases an employee is going through. From the recruitment process to working within your organization to leaving the organization. This picture shows the different phases of the employee journey.

Employee Journey-Phases

Phase 1: External engagement is normally a responsibility of the marketing department
Phase 2: Branding is normally all marketing but, recruitment is HR’s responsibility
Phase 3: Selection and employment is fully a responsibility of HR
Phase 4: Internal engagement is where internal communications comes along

We hope it’s clear that to design the employee journey you will need alignment between different departments within your organization. Where engagement and alignment meet:

Employee engagement - alignment

ROI of a successful employee journey

Research has proven that successful designed employee journeys have positive ROI’s. Alignment is increased with 10%, employees are 6% more willing to go that extra mile and performance (retention, internal synergy and customer satisfaction) is increased with 2%.

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